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RMIT Brand Guidelines Version 1 0 RMIT Brand Guidelines Version 01 01 The RMIT brand guidelines demonstrate the key elements of the brand along with simple instructions for how to use them Adherence to these guidelines is important to ensure consistency and recognition of the brand RMIT Brand Guidelines Version 01 02 Contents Brand strategy 04 The RMIT story 05 Timeline 06 Brand summary 07 Core value proposition 08 Brand behaviours 09 Brand pillars 10 Core toolkit 12 Overview 13 Three RMIT looks 14 al 15 Core 16 Pop 17 Logo 18 Logo suite 19 Clear space 20 Minimum size 20 Positioning 21 Incorrect usage 23 Pixel 24 al and Core looks 24 Main usage 25 Core limited usage 26 Incorrect usage 26 Pixel shapes 27 Pixel shapes 28 Usage 29 Incorrect usage 30 Using pixel shapes with images for internal pages 31 Colour 32 Primary colour palette 33 Secondary colour palette 34 Colour combinations 35 Typography 36 Typefaces 37 Other languages 38 Em dash 39 Type hierarchy 40 Call to action buttons 41 Type and colour online 42 Type and colour offline 43 Writing URLs 44 Photography style 45 Photography style 46 Image treatment 47 Icons 48 60 x 60 pixel grid 49 Line width 49 Pixel shapes 49 Example icons 49 Examples 50 Underlying grids offline 51 Digital advertising grids 52 Out of home 53 Print 59 Digital 69 Merchandise 82 Additional 85 RMIT Brand Guidelines Version 01 03When developing communications for the RMIT brand it is important that every piece is consistent with the brand visual identity as well as aligned to the brand strategy Brand strategy RMIT Brand Guidelines Version 01 04 This is the idea on which RMIT was built and is still true today It s what motivates us to find new ways to bring skilled hands and cultivated minds together The RMIT experience is different It transs you and changes how you see the world allowing you to make an impact Here you ll collaborate with some of the world s brightest academic leaders and benefit from close partnerships with industry all intended to broaden your experiences and equip you with the knowledge you ll need to make a real difference Our programs are developed with future workforce demands in mind blending academic excellence with industry insight People from every corner of the globe are drawn to this unique practice of enterprise driven learning confident that our approach will leave them with the tools and skills they need for future success And regardless of where they are each belongs to a larger RMIT community that provides a foundation for students alumni staff and industry partners to keep collaborating and sharing ideas well beyond graduation Because an education at RMIT isn t measured in semesters trimesters years or degrees it s measured in lifetimes and achievements It s all part of our journey Constantly evolving Always learning This may not sound conventional but in dynamic times a courageous approach is needed to ensure success in life and work In the 130 years since RMIT first opened its doors much has changed Yet our core belief has stayed the same that practical real world skills and applied knowledge are key to success in life and work The RMIT story RMIT Brand Guidelines Version 01 05 Brand strategyRMIT established as Working Men s College with the aim of bringing education to working people of Melbourne Classes offered to men and women in technical business and arts The College establishes classes in trade teaching for returned servicemen Over 1500 servicemen receive post war vocational training at the College A new name Melbourne Technical College is adopted The College plays a major role in the war effort with 20 000 servicemen trained in communications and 2000 in munitions production RMIT was awarded royal patronage by Queen Elizabeth II for its educational service to the Commonwealth and contribution to the war effort and RMIT remains the only higher education institution in Australia with the right to use the prefix Royal and the monarch s coat of arms The College Council adopts a new name Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology RMIT is granted university status under State legislation and adopts the name RMIT University Opens campuses in Brunswick and Bundoora RMIT is invited by the Government of Vietnam to establish Vietnam s first foreign owned university The first campus in Ho Chi Minh City opens the following year Hanoi campus opens in Vietnam The Vietnamese Government awards RMIT Vietnam a prestigious Golden Dragon Award for the 12th consecutive year recognising its excellence in education and research RMIT Online is launched to expand and offer elegant digital learning experiences RMIT opens a research and industry collaboration centre in Barcelona Spain RMIT Activator launched for students staff researchers and alumni to create start up ideas and launch ventures 1887 1917 1939 1960 1993 2004 2015 1888 1934 1992 2000 2013 2016 2016 1954 Timeline RMIT Brand Guidelines Version 01 06 Brand strategy Brand summary Brand vision The brand vision sets out the ambition for RMIT establishing a destination that the whole organisation can strive towards To be a leading global university of technology design and enterprise that creates life changing experiences and shapes the world Brand mission The brand mission lays out how RMIT will make its vision a reality It describes the means by which the brand will set itself apart and deliver value RMIT exists to create transative experiences for our students getting them ready for life and work and to help shape the world with research innovation teaching and engagement Community RMIT works with a number of different audiences from students to staff and partners the brand community describes what these audiences all share RMIT is for the ambitious who are willing to embrace change to be open to experiences and to collaborate with others Values The RMIT values stand at the very core of the brand They re the principles that guide the brand to pursue its mission Passion Impact Inclusion Courage Agility Imagination RMIT Brand Guidelines Version 01 07 Brand strategy Core value proposition RMIT works with industry to create transative experiences by connecting students to knowledge people and opportunities A number of specific customer value propositions have been developed for the audiences with which RMIT engages For more detail on these specific customer value propositions please contact the Brand Team Ext er nal Stakeholders Student St ak eho lder Group Int er nal Stakeholders Industry Global Educational Partners Government Undergrad students Postgrad students Alumni Donors Research and Academics Professional staff RMIT Brand Guidelines Version 01 08 Brand strategy Brand behaviours The brand behaviours describe how the brand behaves in terms of tone and personality Confident As a leader in our field we speak with confidence and experience We are authentic and self assured Our confidence is backed by our collaborative partnerships organisational history staff programs and the quality of our student candidature and output Collaborative Our partnership is about more than aligned objectives it s about true co creation We create solutions together with our partners students and alumni and listen intently to feedback We shape the world through collaborative design research learning and problem solving to create impact Responsive We deliver on the here and now with an eye to the future Coupled with the speed of change around us RMIT is flexible and prepared to move quickly We are nimble and responsive in the experiences we offer and how we share and communicate them Provocative At RMIT we bring a curious passionate and creative perspective to the world As a vocational and applied university we don t think like a conventional university We re never afraid of asking big questions and defying the status quo to find new and better ways of doing things Never shy about being raw and honest or edgy and progressive we re grounded by our heritage of pragmatic practicality Inclusive At RMIT we create life changing opportunities for all We welcome and respect students staff and partners from diverse backgrounds and we pride ourselves on being an accessible and open institution dedicated to creating value for the whole community We value and celebrate diversity of ideas thinking and experiences and recognise the contribution and importance of Indigenous people We are proud of this diversity and inclusiveness which we see as a source of advantage RMIT Brand Guidelines Version 01 09 Brand strategy Brand pillars The brand pillars are the foundations of the RMIT brand They define what makes us different and underpin everything we do Industry connection Enterprise ready Transative experiences Academic excellence Co creation Global and local Industry connection At RMIT we put industry connection at the heart of everything we do Industry connections are a key differentiator for RMIT Our vast network of industry relationships enables students to experience and work with industry throughout their studies Our programs are aligned with future workforce demand and shaped by the expertise of industry practitioners Enterprise ready At RMIT we actively encourage enterprise culture and nurture entrepreneurial spirit in our students Enterprise is integral to everything we do and we recognise its value as a key part of the social and economic landscape RMIT is part of a dynamic ecosystem that gives students the opportunity to participate in enterprise ation initiatives and activities while they study We help students build the qualities skills and capabilities they need to succeed as entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs Transative experiences At RMIT we create transative experiences that change our students lives We believe that the university experience for all students from all backgrounds should have a truly transative effect on their lives This may be to discover those aspects of themselves that will enable their success or the revelation that their path will be a very different one to that anticipated This experience integrates learning campus social and work connections and ensures students are ready for life and work in a dynamic world facing constant disruption and change RMIT Brand Guidelines Version 01 10 Brand strategyAcademic excellence RMIT s knowledge and reputation for academic excellence is built on outstanding staff strong collaboration and specialist resources Our staff are internationally recognised experts or established industry leaders and specialists in their chosen fields and share their knowledge with students Their work and involvement with industry community and businesses ensures programs are always aligned to the current and future needs of professions industries and organisations Co creation At RMIT we collaborate and co create with industry our students and our communities It s the fabric of the university and a core part of everything we do We recognise the power of collaboration to enable better and more far reaching solutions This extends from the way we develop our programs and the way we structure our organisation to the way we encourage students to work When it comes to our marketing communication RMIT s talented and passionate community provides a unique opportunity for co creation In developing the RMIT brand we invited students and staff to contribute their ideas and opinions As we move forward our communication is another way we can give voice to the ideas and experiences of our community We draw on their skills and expertise in crafting our communication co creating with an inspired group of writers photographers designers and artists that are part of RMIT We also actively encourage our community to participate in and become the content of our communications by telling their stories Global and local At RMIT we bring together a global footprint and focus with contemporary urban campuses We understand that we need to prepare students for a global world of work working and competing internationally and collaborating seamlessly as part of global teams While our perspective is global we create a university experience that s connected to a modern urban lifestyle RMIT Brand Guidelines Version 01 11 Brand strategyThe RMIT brand is comprised of many components which bring the look and feel to life The following pages detail how best to apply these components in order to maintain a consistent brand Core toolkit RMIT Brand Guidelines Version 01 12Aa Naked Communications Pty Ltd 2016 5 RMIT PHOTOGRAPHY BRIEF Overview All the elements required for the RMIT brand look and feel are outlined outlined in these brand guidelines Logo Typography Photography Pixel shapes Pixel Colour Core toolkit RMIT Brand Guidelines Version 01 13 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit Mauris imperdiet efficitur laoreet Vestibulum molestie mi felis nec commodo nisi molestie quis Cras ullamcorper nisl vel odio lacinia commodo Ut mi tellus mollis sit amet lacinia ac egestas eu ante Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit Mauris imperdiet efficitur laoreet Vestibulum molestie mi felis nec commodo nisi molestie quis Cras ullamcorper nisl vel odio lacinia commodo Ut mi tellus mollis sit amet lacinia ac egestas eu ante Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit Mauris imperdiet efficitur laoreet Vestibulum molestie mi felis nec commodo nisi molestie quis Cras ullamcorper nisl vel odio lacinia commodo Ut mi tellus mollis sit amet lacinia ac egestas eu ante Three RMIT looks The visual identity has been designed to adapt and speak to any of our potential stakeholders from the more corporate to the core group of students and staff and beyond This has been broken down into three areas al Core and Pop Each has its own purpose and can be used at different stages of our interaction with stakeholders For clarity and confirmation on which look is right for your particular application please contact the RMIT Brand Team There can be a crossover in order to dial up down the look There can be a crossover in order to dial up down the look al Reserved for more al occasions and when the messaging is a little more serious The al look combines the two primary colours and the image treatment to present RMIT in its most sophisticated light The secondary colours play a much smaller part and are used only as accents Core The heart of the brand and the look that works well for most messages and situations If unsure of which look to use then Core should be the default It is characterised by the use of the split pixel This is a flexible device that can be used to hold colour and imagery or used as a framing device Pop The most playful and bright look It is used primarily as a support to the Core look on secondary pages however on occasion it can be used as a stand alone look It works well internally and externally to create impact and allows the messaging to stand out It uses the pixel


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