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Unit 3 Money talk about money budgeting Teaching Procedures ask for and give advice on money understand and make a budget sheet Look at the picture and discuss l 1 Where did your money go in the first few months at college l 2 Do you have a spending plan for each month Discuss if it is a waste of money to buy a tablet buy a smartphone buy skincare products get an expensive haircut eat out with friends get gym membership 1 Time is money 时间就是金钱 2 Money talks 钱能通神 3 Money isn t everything 钱不是万能的 4 Money makes the mare go 有钱能使鬼推磨 5 Money is the root of all evil 金钱是万恶之源 Oral Practice 1 Brainstroming Brainstorm proverbs related to money 以其人之道还至其人之身 Pay somebody back in his her coin 事物都有两面性 Every coin has two sides 冤家路窄 He turned up like a bad penny 她嫁给了有钱人 She married money Try to translate the idiomatic use concerning money 白手起家 to start from scratch 攀比 to keep up with the Joneses 挥金如土 to spend money like water to squeeze one s dollar节省开支 to make a fortune赚大钱 to tighten one s belt节衣缩食 to have money to burn有很多钱 to be heavily in debt 负债累累 to tight purse strings手头紧 Brainstorm as a class words related to money Currency 货币 Wage工资 Salary薪水 Income 总 收入 Fee小费 Cash现金 Note钞票 Earnings 劳动 投资 收入 Bonus奖金红利 津贴 Change 零钱 Coin硬币 Cheque支票 Brainstorm as a class words related to money 1 Now the cost of living is much higher than before 2 How much postage do I need to send this package 3 The tuition for my schooling is 1 240 a term 4 John gave the waiter a fat tip Try to come up with some relevant adjectives Affluent 富裕的 Broke 没有钱的 破了产的 Generous 慷慨的 Hard up 缺钱的 手头紧 Mean 小气的 Poor 穷的 Prosperous 繁荣的 Rich 富有的 Stingy 小气的 Wealthy有钱的 Well off 经济上过得好 Oral practice 2 Crazy idea rt your creative thinking on the topic what can we do with ten yuan the crazier your idea is the better Then work in groups and share your ideas with your group members Each group choose the craziest one to share with the class The class vote for the craziest idea in our class Reference 1 buy five roses to the beloved girl 2 buy a KFC hambruger to the baby beggar 3 provide a semester s tuition for an orphan 4 make a paper plane 5 Cover a small ant 6 Decorate the house 7 Change it into one hundred coins and then use coins to build a mini castel Oral practice 2 Discussion Do you find it easy to save money How much money do you usually spend in a month Arrangement of total money for this month Total amount RMB Clothes Books Food Daily expenses Make a budget and a saving plan basic and indispensable 不可缺少的 Curb 控制 your spending Get out of debt think twice Stop using credit cards convenient but overdraft 透支 Make a budget and a saving plan budget example varies plan Set a goal and then reach it Curb our spending advice Eat out less school canteen 学校食堂 Buy discounted products Try more online shopping physical shop 实体店 Eliminate unnecessary expense necessity 必需品 Get out of debt Don t buy thing we can t afford Don t consumption exceed your budget scared unbearable Stop using credit cards overspend unconsciously Summarized in one sentence make a budget and consumption within it Wish what you need to consider is how to spent money rather than how to save money Wish what you need to consider is how to spent money rather than how to save money Currencies in some major countries Do you know the currencies in different countries and their symbols Countries Currencies Symbols China Hong Kong港元 India卢比 Australia澳大利亚元 European Union欧元 Russian卢布 German马克 Switzerland瑞士法郎 UK Canada加元 America HK HKD RMB CNY Hong Kong Dollars Renminbi Yuan Indian Rupee RE INR Australian Dollar A AUD Euro EUR Russian Ruble Rbl SUR Deutsche Mark DM DEM Swiss Franc SF CHF Pound Canadian Dollar Can CAD U S Dollar U S USD In class Activities 1 cent 5 cents 10 cents 25 cents 50 cents 1 dollar penny便士 nickel美 加 的五分硬币 dime一角 quarter half dollar usu paper 1 penny 5 pence 10 pence 20 pence 50 pence 1 pound 1 fen 5 fen 1 jiao 2 jiao 5 jiao 1 yuan Get to know something about the coins of the American and English money Compare them with the Chinese coins that you know American Coins General names English Coins Chinese Coins Oral pratice 4 video time reptition Can you guess why the two look to be so happy Jack and Joy get a drunken marriage in Las Vegas They are here to talk about the divorce But something happens They have won a jackpot of 3 million dollars click here for the jackpot rmvb video Warming up Activities That s for repetition B No I don t know you and I got a feeling that neither do you B You know what I ll call you about the annulment G How about this Why don t you just e mail me G What you think this is all yours God B Yes it s mine I put the quarter in the machine and I pulled the lever Boy That s right Now if you ll excuse me I have a giant colorful check to deposit Oral practice 5 Group Discussion If you won the lottery and became a billionaire how would you spend your money go traveling all around the world build an orphanage help the poor and the homeless establish a school set up a fund buy large house with a garden donate the money to the Hope Project Reference As everyone knows money is not everything but without money we could do nothing I have dreamed of being a millionaire If I were a millionaire one day I would do three great things If I were a millionaire first of all I would purchase a big and beautiful house for my parents and make them live comfortably and happily because no one can deny that parents love for their children is the greatest love in the world It s my parents who give me the most precious gift my life It s my parents who have sacrificed most in bringing me up and educating me never expecting for any return So it is not surprising that I would think of their needs first if I became a millionaire One day if I were a millionaire I would travel around the world Experiencing is believing I have been dreaming of seeing other parts of the world since my childhood Foreign cultures and customs are always appealing to me My traveling experiences will certainly help me broaden my horizons and sharpen my language skills Last but not least if I were a millionaire I would establish a scholarship in my name Nowadays some of my peers 同龄人 are worried about their tuition 学费 and living expenses on campus If I were rich enough I would help those who work very hard but have little money for higher education and further studies As a result my money could help them upgrade their lives In a word if I were a millionaire one day I would not only fulfill my dreams but also would do my best to help others realize their dreams I wish that day would come soon Presentation 1 One man won the lottery and a lot of reporters came to interview him develop the story 2 An imposter picked up an envelop with lots of money in it in front of a girl and then stopped the girl by saying develop the story 3 Poem oh Money

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